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 Donator: $10-$50

 Super Donator: $50-$250

 Extreme Donator: $250-$500

 Legendary Donator: $500-$1000

 Investor: $1000-$2499

 Partner: $2500-$4999

 Supreme Donator: $5000+

🎆 Patriot Promotion Sale Information 🎆

⚠️ These Bonuses Are Available For The Month of August'sSale Event! ⚠️

 Spend a total of $500 in August : Bonus = 1x Buster Cape ($500 in value) | 10x Ultimate Donator Casktes ($150 in value) | 10x Summer Caskets ($100in value) | 1x Legendary Gear Casket ($100)

 Spend a total of $1,000 in August : Bonus = School Girl Pet (300% DR + DDR) ($1,000 in value) | School Girl Set (250% DR + DDR) ($1,000 in value) | 5x Liberty Caskets ($125in value) | 20x Ultimate Donator Caskets ($225in value) | 25x Summer'20 Caskts ($250 in value) | 5x Insane Donator Boxes ($250in value) | 20x 2019 Promo Boxes ($100 in value)



Popular Items This Month

  • Lucky Ring of Wealth
  • Donators Cape
  • Infernal Blade
  • Infernal Staff
  • Infernal Sword

Popular Items All Time

  • Ultimate Donator Casket
  • 2019 Promotional Mystery Box
  • Lucky Key *Limited Time*
  • Ultimate Donator Box
  • Cloud's Box [With Buster Sword]